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ART FOR KIDS Terms And Conditions (Updated June 2022)

1. Bookings and Payment

  • Once enrolment has been accepted, payment must be completed prior to term/workshop/session commencement. 

  • The individual completing the enrolment will be held liable for any outstanding accounts. 

  • By enrolling, both the student and parent / guardian / caregiver accept the terms and conditions of Art For Kids. 


2. Statutory Holidays

  • Classes will not operate on Statutory Holidays.


3. Class Cancellation

  • If enrolments for a class do not meet the minimum number of students criteria, Art For Kids reserves the right to cancel the class for that term or session with a full refund if cancellation is prior to term or session commencement. 

  • If it is necessary to cancel a class once a session or term class has commenced, a refund will be given for all remaining classes for that session or term. 



  • Please ensure full and up to date contact details are provided on enrolment so that Art For Kids may contact the parent / guardian / caregiver in the case of an emergency. 

  • Please advise Art For Kids if the student has any medical condition or injury. 

  • Art For Kids will endeavour to ensure the safety of its students and visitors by promoting and encouraging safe practice. 

  • In the event of an injury or medical condition, the parent / guardian / caregiver will be notified immediately to collect the student. Medical treatment of the student will only be administered by Art For Kids with the permission of the parent / guardian / caregiver.

  • Students will be signed in & out with Enrolmy via the tutor. Students will not be released to any person not named on the registration form without prior consent. 

  • Please arrive promptly so that classes may commence on time with all students present. 

  • Please collect students immediately after classes finish. 

  • In the event of a civil defence emergency, students will be supervised by Art For Kids until they are collected by the parent / guardian / caregiver. 


5. Code Of Conduct

  • By enrolling, the student and their parent / guardian / caregiver agree to adhere to Art For Kids code of conduct set out at the end of the terms and conditions. 

  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines or a behavioural breach which compromises the safety of students and staff may result in cancellation of enrolment for the student without a refund.

6. Private Data

  • All information held by Art For Kids will not be forwarded or shared with any 3rd party. 


7. Amendments to Terms and Conditions

  • Art for Kids may amend these terms and conditions periodically at its discretion. The student, parent / guardian / caregiver agree to review this information prior to commencement of each term. 

ART FOR KIDS  Health & Safety / Policies & Procedures.

  • Art for Kids aims to provide a safe learning environment to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Bullying is not acceptable and parent's will be contacted if bullying occurs.

  • A full stocked first aid kit is onsite and available for immediate use.

  • Any injury sustained through misconduct or inappropriate behavior is the responsibility of the individual.

  • In the event of an emergency all participants are required to follow the instructions of the tutor.

  • In the case of an emergency evacuation please observe the attached map.

  • Students (5-10 years) are not permitted to leave by themselves. An adult or guardian must collect students from class or advise Art for Kids alternative collection.

  • Please advise Art for Kids of any medical requirements and fill out the medical form on Enrolmy.

  • If your child is unwell, we ask that you do not attend class.

  • Art for Kids operates strictly to Government & Scots College's Covid guidelines.

  • No dogs are permitted on the Scots grounds.

  • No skateboarding or riding bikes within the Scots grounds.

  • Photographing, recording or filming of students in class is only permitted if all parties agree (students, parents, guardians and tutor).

  • The Art for Kids database will not be sold to any party at any stage. Please advise if you wish to unsubscribe.

  • If classes need to be cancelled, parents and or guardians will be notified by text or email. Please ensure you keep your contact details up to date. Appropriate credits or refunds will be issued.

  • If students are booked and don't show up for class and Art for Kids is not advised. there will be a full charge for holiday arts.

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